About Us


ROTEK Drums believes that drummers should focus on their music, not tuning their drums. Our tuning systems allow drummers to spend more time playing and less time tuning. Drum tuning has not really changed in 100 years, so ROTEK Drums is committed to changing the way drums are tuned. We will lead while others will follow.


We are located in the Seattle, WA. Area, and all of our manufacturing is done in the USA.

Our patented drum tuning system began development in 2004 in an effort to make the time consuming process of tuning a drum, a thing of the past. We are proud to launch the ROTEK's Drum Tuning System as that solution.

ROTEK Drum Tuning Systems take "one touch tuning" to the next level. The heads are pulled evenly for superior sound quality that allows the artist to spend more time playing and less time tuning. ROTEK's saying is "Play more, Tune less" and with ROTEK's Tuning System you can do just that.


ROTEK's inspiration came from exotic super cars such as Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Maserati's and Aston Martins. Other design inspiration came from motocross motorcycles, mountain bike suspension, custom choppers, and construction cranes. A true gear-head, ROTEK's founder has been involved in many of these areas and that experience went into creating the best tuning systems in the world. Who doesn't appreciate beautiful machined aluminum components? Technology changes overnight in motocross, mountain bikes, and exotic cars, it's our belief that it's time for some meaningful changes with drums and especially tuning which has not changed since the early 1900's.

Who We Are